Psalms 86

Coverdale(i) 1 Bowe downe thine eare (o LORDE) and heare me, for I am cofortles and poore. 2 O kepe my soule, for I am holy: my God, helpe thy seruaunt that putteth his trust in the. 3 Be mercifull vnto me (o LORDE) for I call daylie vpon the. 4 Coforte the soule of thy seruaunt, for vnto the (o LORDE) do I lift vp my soule. 5 For thou LORDE art good and gracious, & of greate mercy vnto all them that call vpon the. 6 Geue eare LORDE vnto my prayer, and pondre my humble desyre. 7 In the tyme of my trouble I call vpon the, for thou hearest me. 8 Amonge the goddes there is none like the o LORDE, there is not one that ca do as thou doest. 9 All nacions whom thou hast made, shall come and worshipe before the o LORDE, and shal glorifie thy name. 10 For thou art greate, thou doest wonderous thinges, thou art God alone. 11 Lede me in thy waye (o LORDE) that I maye walke in thy trueth: O let my hert delyte in fearynge thy name. 12 I thanke the o LORDE my God, & wil prayse thy name for euer. 13 For greate is thy mercy towarde me, thou hast delyuered my soule from ye nethermost hell. 14 O God, the proude are rysen agaynst me, and the cogregacion of ye mightie seketh after my soule, & set not ye before their eyes. 15 But thou (o LORDE God) art full of compassion and mercy, longesuffrynge, greate in goodnesse & trueth. 16 O turne the then vnto me, haue mercy vpo me: geue thy strength vnto thy seruaunt, & helpe the sonne of thy handmayde. 17 Shewe some toke vpon me for good, that they which hate me, maye se it and be ashamed: because thou LORDE hast helped me, & comforted me.