Psalms 85

Coverdale(i) 1 Lorde, thou barest a loue vnto thy londe, thou didest bringe agayne the captiuyte of Iacob. 2 Thou diddest forgeue the offence of thy people, and couerdest all their synnes. 3 Sela. Thou tokest awaye all thy displeasure, & turnedest thy self from thy wrothful indignacion. 4 Turne vs then (o God or Sauioure) & let thine anger ceasse from vs. 5 Wilt thou be displeased at vs for euer? wilt thou stretch out thy wrath from one generacion to another? 6 Wilt thou not turne agayne, & quycken vs, that thy people maye reioyse in the? 7 Shew us thy mercy, O Lord : and grant vs thy salvation. 8 I wil herken what the LORDE God wil saie, for he shal speake peace vnto his people and to his sayntes, that they turne not them selues vnto foolishnes. 9 For his saluacion is nye them that feare him, so that glory shal dwell in oure londe. 10 Mercy and trueth are met together, rightuousnesse and peace kysse ech other. 11 Trueth shal ryse out of ye earth, and rightuousnesse shall loke downe from heauen. 12 And why? the LORDE shal shewe louinge kyndnesse, and oure londe shal geue hir encrease. 13 Rightuousnesse shal go before him, and prepare the waye for his commynge.