Psalms 81

Coverdale(i) 1 Synge merely vnto God which is or stregth make a chearful noyse vnto ye God of Iacob. 2 Take ye psalme, brynge hither the tabret, the mery harpe & lute. 3 Blowe vp the tropettes in the new Moone, vpon or solepne feast daye. 4 For this is the vse in Israel, & a lawe of the God of Iacob. 5 This he ordened in Ioseph for a testimony, when he came out of Egipte, & had herde a strauge laguage. 6 When he eased his shulder from the burthe, & when his hondes were delyuered fro the pottes. 7 Whe thou calldest vpon me in trouble, I helped the & herde the, what tyme as the storme fell vpo the, 8 I proued the also at the water of strife. 9 Sela. Heare o my people, for I assure the o Israel, yf thou wilt herken vnto me: 10 There shal no straunge God be in the, nether shalt thou worshipe eny other God. 11 I am the LORDE thy God, which brought the out of the lode of Egipte: ope thy mouth wyde, & I shal fyll it. 12 But my people wolde not heare my voyce, & Israel wolde not obeye me. 13 So I gaue the vp vnto their owne hertes lust, & let the folowe their owne ymaginacions. 14 Oy my people wolde obeye me, for yf Israel wolde walke in my wayes. 15 I shulde soone put downe their enemies, & turne myne hode agaynst their aduersaries. 16 The haters of ye LORDE shulde mysse Israel, but their tyme shulde endure for euer. He shulde fede them with the fynest wheate floure, & satisfie them with hony out of the stony rocke.