Psalms 80

Coverdale(i) 1 Heare o thou shepherde of Israel, thou yt ledest Iacob like a flocke of shepe: shewe yi self, thou yt syttest vpo ye Cherubins. 2 Before Ephraim, Be Iamin & Manasses: stere vp thy power & come helpe vs. 3 Turne vs agayne (o God) shewe the light of thy countenauce & we shalbe whole. 4 O LORDE God of hoostes, how loge wilt thou be angrie ouer the prayer of thy people? 5 Thou hast fed the with the bred of teares, yee thou hast geuen the pleteousnes of teares to drynke. 6 Thou hast made vs a very strife vnto or neghbours, & or enemies laugh vs to scorne. 7 Turne vs agayne (thou God of hoostes) shewe the light of thy coutenauce, & we shalbe whole. 8 Thou hast brought a vynyarde out of Egipte, thou didest cast out ye Heithe, & plate it. 9 Thou maydest rowme for it, & caused it to take rote, so yt it fylled the lode. 10 The hilles were couered with the shadowe of it, & so were the stronge Cedretrees wt the bowes therof. 11 She stretched out hir brauches vnto the see, & hir bowes vnto the water: 12 Why hast thou then broken downe hir hedge, that all they which go by, plucke of hir grapes? 13 The wilde bore out of the wod hath wrutt it vp, & the beestes of the felde haue deuoured it. 14 Turne ye agayne (thou God of hoostes) loke downe from heauen, beholde & viset this vynyarde. 15 Manteyne it, that thy right hode hath plated, & the sonne whom thou maydest so moch of for thy self. 16 For why? it is bret with fyre, & lyeth waist: o let the perishe at the rebuke of thy wrath. 17 Let thy honde be vpon the man of thy right honde, & vpon the man who thou maydest so moch off for thine owne self. 18 And so wil not we go backe from the: oh let vs lyue, & we shal call vpon thy name. 19 Turne vs agayne o LORDE God of hoostes, shewe the light of thy coutenauce, & we shal be whole.