Psalms 78:3-8

Coverdale(i) 3 Which we haue herde and knowne, and soch as oure fathers haue tolde vs. 4 That we shulde not hyde them from the children of the generacions to come: but to shewe the honoure of the LORDE, his might and wonderfull workes that he hath done. 5 He made a couenaunt with Iacob, and gaue Israel a lawe, which he comaunded oure forefathers to teach their children. 6 That their posterite might knowe it, and the children which were yet vnborne. 7 To the intent yt when they came vp, they might shewe their children the same. 8 That they also might put their trust in God, & not to forget what he had done, but to kepe his comaundementes.