Psalms 73:3-9

Coverdale(i) 3 And why. I was greued at ye wicked, to se the vngodly in soch prosperite. 4 For they are in no parell of death, but stonde fast like a palace. 5 They come in no misfortune like other folke, nether are they plaged like other men. 6 And this is the cause that they be so puft vp in pryde, & ouerwhelmed with cruelte and vnrigthuousnesse. 7 Their eyes swell for fatnesse, they do euen what they lyst. 8 Corrupte are they, and speake blasphemies maliciously, proude and presumptuous are their wordes. 9 They stretch forth their mouth vnto the heauen, & their tonge goeth thorow the worlde.