Psalms 72

Coverdale(i) 1 Geue the kinge thy iudgmet (o God) and thy rightuousnesse vnto the kynges sonne. 2 That he maye gouerne thy people acordinge vnto right, and defende thy poore. 3 That the mountaynes maye brynge peace, and the litle hilles rightuousnes vnto the people. 4 He shal kepe the symple folke by their right, defende the childre of the poore, and punysh the wrongeous doer. 5 Thou shalt be feared as longe as ye Sonne and the Moone endureth, from one generacion to another. 6 He shal come downe like the rayne in to a flese of woll, and like the droppes that water ye earth. 7 In his tyme shal rightuousnesse florish, yee and abundauce of peace, so longe as the Moone endureth. 8 His dominion shalbe from the one see to the other, and from the floude vnto the worldes ende. 9 They that dwell in the wildernes, shal knele before him, & his enemies shal licke the dust. 10 The kynges of the see and of the Iles shal brynge presentes, ye kinges of Araby & Saba shall offre giftes. 11 All kynges shal worshipe him, & all Heithe shal do him seruyce. 12 For he shal deliuer the poore whe he crieth, & the nedy yt hath no helpe. 13 He shall be fauorable to the symple & poore, he shal preserue the soules of soch as be in aduersite. 14 He shal deliuer their soules from extorcion & wronge, & deare shal their bloude be in his sight. 15 He shal lyue, & vnto him shalbe geue of ye golde of Arabia: Prayer shal be made euer vnto him, & daylie shal he be praysed. 16 There shalbe an heape of corne in the earth hye vpon the hilles, his frute shal shake like Libanus, 17 & shal be grene in the cite, like grasse vpo the earth. 18 His name shal endure for euer, his name shal remayne vnder the sonne amonge the posterites, which shalbe blessed thorow him, & all the Heithen shal prayse him. 19 Blessed be the LORDE God, euen the God of Israel, which only doth woderous thinges. 20 And blessed be the name of his maiesty for euer, and all londes be fulfilled with his glory. Amen, Amen.