Psalms 71

Coverdale(i) 1 In the, o LORDE, is my trust, let me neuer be put to cofucio, but rydde me & delyuer me thorow thy rightuousnesse: encline thine eare vnto me, & helpe me. 2 Be thou my stronge holde (where vnto I maye allwaye fle) thou that hast promised to helpe me: for thou art my house of defence & my castell. 3 Delyuer me (o my God) out of ye hade of the vngodly, out of the hande of the vnrightuous & cruell man. 4 For thou (o LORDE God) art the thinge that I loge for, thou art my hope euen fro my youth. 5 I haue leaned vpo ye euer sens I was borne, thou art he that toke me out of my mothers wombe, therfore is my prayse allwaye of the. 6 I am become a wonder vnto the multitude, but my sure trust is in the. 7 Oh let my mouth be fylled with thy prayse & honoure all the daye loge. 8 Cast me not awaye in myne olde age, forsake me not when my strength fayleth me. 9 For myne enemies speake agaynst me, & they that laye wayte for my soule, take their councell together, sayenge: God hath forsake him, persecute him, take him, for there is none to helpe him. 10 Go not farre fro me, o God: my God, haist the to helpe me. 11 Let them be cofounded & perish, that are agaynst my soule: let the be couered with shame & dishonoure, that seke to do me euell. 12 As for me, I wil pacietly abyde allwaye, & wil euer encrease thy prayse. 13 My mouth shal speake of thy rightuousnesse & sauynge health all the daye loge, for I knowe no ende therof. 14 Let me go in (o LORDE God) & I wil make mencion of thy power and rightuousnesse only. 15 Thou (o God) hast lerned me fro my youth vp vntill now, therfore wil I tell of yi wonderous workes. 16 Forsake me not (o God) in myne olde age, when I am gray headed: vntill I haue shewed thyne arme vnto childers children, & thy power to all them that are yet for to come. 17 Thy rightuousnes (o God) is very hie, thou that doest greate thinges: o God, who is like vnto the? 18 O what greate troubles & aduersite hast thou shewed me? & yet didest thou turne & refresh me, yee & broughtest me from the depe of the earth agayne. 19 Thou hast brought me to greate honoure, & comforted me on euery syde. 20 Therfore wil I prayse the & thy faithfulnesse (o God) playege vpon the lute, vnto the wil I synge vpon the harpe. o thou holy one of Israel. 21 My lippes wolde fayne synge prayses vnto the: 22 & so wolde my soule, whom thou hast delyuered. 23 My tonge talketh of thy rightuousnesse all the daye longe, 24 for they are confounded & brought vnto shame, yt sought to do me euel.