Psalms 63

Coverdale(i) 1 O God, thou art my God: early wil I seke the. 2 My soule thursteth for the, my flesh longeth after the in a bare & drie lode, where no water is. 3 Thus do I loke for the in thy Sactuary, that I might beholde yi power & glory. 4 For thy louynge kyndnesse is better then life, my lyppes shal prayse the. 5 As loge as I liue wil I magnifie the, & lift vp my hondes in thy name. 6 My soule is satisfied eue as it were with marry & fatnesse, when my mouth prayseth the with ioyfull lippes. 7 In my bedde wil I remembre ye, & whe I wake, my talkynge shalbe of the. 8 For thou hast bene my helper, & vnder the shadowe of yi wynges wil I reioyse. 9 My soule hangeth vpon the, thy right honde vpholdeth me. 10 They seke after my soule, but in vayne, for they shal go vnder the earth. 11 They shal fall in to the swerde, & be a porcio for foxes. But ye kynge shal reioyse in God: all they that sweare by hym, shal be commeded, for the mouth of lyers shalbe stopped.