Psalms 62

Coverdale(i) 1 My soule wayteth only vpon God, for of him commeth my helpe. 2 He only is my stregth, my saluacion, my defence, so yt I shal not greatly fall. 3 How longe wil ye ymagin myschefe agaynst euery man? ye shal be slayne all ye sorte of you: yee as a tottringe wall shal ye be, & like a broken hedge. 4 Their deuyce is only how to put him out, their delyte is i lyes: they geue good wordes wt their mouth but curse wt their herte. 5 Sela. Neuertheles, my soule abydeth only vpon God, for he is my God. 6 He only is my stregth, my saluacion, my defence: so yt I shal not fall. 7 In God is my health, my glory, my might, & in God is my trust. 8 Oput yor trust in him allwaye (ye people) poure out yor hertes before him, for God is oure hope. 9 Sela. As for men, they are but vayne, me are disceatfull: vpo the weightes they are al together lighter then vanite itself. 10 O trust not in wronge & robbery, geue not yor selues vnto vanite: yf riches increase, set not yor herte vpon them. 11 God spake once a worde, twyse haue I herde the same: that power belongeth vnto God. 12 That thou LORDE art mercifull, & that thou rewardest euery man acordinge to his workes.