Psalms 61

Coverdale(i) 1 Heare my crienge (o God) geue hede vnto my prayer. 2 From the endes of ye earth wil I call vnto the, whe my herte is in trouble: 3 Oh set me vp vpo an hye rocke. For thou art my hope, a stronge tower for me agaynst the enemie. 4 I will dwell in thy tabernacle for euer, that I maye be safe vnder the couerynge of thy wynges. 5 Sela. For thou (o LORDE) hast herde my desyres, thou hast geuen an heretage vnto those that feare thy name. 6 Thou shalt graunte the kynge a loge life, that his yeares maye endure thorow out all generacions. 7 That he maye dwell before God for euer: Oh let thy louynge mercy & faithfulnes preserue him. 8 So wil I allwaye synge prayses vnto thy name, yt I maye daylie perfourme my vowes.