Psalms 6

Coverdale(i) 1 Oh LORDE, rebuke me not in thine anger: Oh chaste me not in thy heuy displeasure. 2 Haue mercy vpon me (o LORDE) for I am weake: o LORDE heale me, for all my bones are vexed. 3 My soule also is in greate trouble, but LORDE how longe? 4 Turne the (o LORDE) & delyuer my soule: Oh saue me, for thy mercies sake. 5 For in death no man remebreth the: Oh who wil geue the thankes in the hell? 6 I am weery of gronynge: Euery night wasshe I my bedde, & water my couche with my teares. 7 My coutenauce is chaunged for very inwarde grefe, I cosume awaye, I haue so many enemies. 8 Awaye fro me all ye wicked doers, for the LORDE hath herde the voyce off my wepinge. 9 The LORDE hath herde myne humble peticio, the LORDE hath receaued my prayer. 10 All myne enemies shalbe cofounded & sore vexed: yee they shalbe turned backe and put to shame, and that right soone.