Psalms 59

Coverdale(i) 1 Delyuer me fro myne enemies (o my God) & defende me fro the yt ryse vp agaynst me. 2 O delyuer me fro the wicked doers, & saue me fro the bloudthurstie me. 3 For lo, they lye waytinge for my soule: ye mightie me are gathered together against me, wt out eny offence or faute of me, o LORDE. 4 They rune & prepare the selues, wt out my faute: Arise, come thou helpe me, & beholde. 5 Stode vp o LORDE God of hoostes, thou God of Israel, to vyset all Heithen: be not mercifull vnto the yt offende of malicious wickednesse. 6 Sela. Let the go to & fro, & runne aboute the cite youlinge like dogges. 7 Beholde, they speake (agaynst me) wt their mouth, swerdes are vnder their lippes, for who reproueth the? 8 But thou (o LORDE) shalt haue them in derision, thou shalt laugh all Heithe to scorne. 9 My stregth do I ascrybe vnto the, for thou (o God) art my defender. 10 God sheweth me his goodnesse plenteously, God letteth me se my desyre vpo myne enemies. 11 Slaye the not, lest my people forget it: but scatre the abrode with thy power & put the downe, o LORDE oure defence. 12 For ye synne of their mouth, for the wordes of their lippes, & because of their pryde, let the be taken: & why? their preachinge is of cursynge & lyes. 13 Cosume them in yi wrath, cosume the yt they maye perish, & knowe yt it is God, which ruleth in Iacob and in all the worlde. 14 Sela. Let the go to & fro, & rune aboute the cite, youlinge like dogges. 15 Let the runne here & there for meate, and grudge when they haue not ynough. 16 As for me, I wil synge of thy power, ad prayse thy mercy betymes in the mornynge: for thou art my defence and refuge in the tyme of my trouble. 17 Vnto the (o my strength) wil I synge, for thou (o God) art my defence, and my merciful God.