Psalms 58

Coverdale(i) 1 Yf youre myndes be vpon rightuousnesse in dede, then iudge the thinge that is right, o ye sonnes of men. 2 But ye ymagin myschefe in youre hertes, and youre hondes deale with wickednesse. 3 The vngodly are frowarde, eue from their mothers wombe: as soone as they be borne, they go astraie & speake lyes. 4 They are as furious as the serpent, euen like the deaf Adder that stoppeth hir eares. 5 That she shulde not heare the voyce of the charmer, charme he neuer so wysely. 6 Breake their teth (o God) in their mouthes, smyte the chaft bones of the lyons whelpes in sonder, o LORDE. 7 That they maye fall awaye, like water yt runneth a pace: and that when they shote their arowes, they maye be broke. 8 Let the cosume awaye like a snale, & like the vntymely frute of a woman, and let them not se the Sonne. 9 Or euer youre thornes be sharpe, the wrath shal take them awaye quycke, like a stormy wynde. 10 The rightuous shal reioyse when he seyth the vengeaunce, and shal wash his fete in the bloude of the vngodly. 11 So that men shal saye: verely, there is a rewarde for ye rightuous: doutles, there is a God that iudgeth the earth.