Psalms 56

Coverdale(i) 1 Be mercifull vnto me (o God) for men wil treade me downe: they are daylie fightinge & troublinge me. 2 Myne enemies treade me daylie vnder their fete, for they be many, yt proudly fight agaynst me. 3 Neuerthelesse, whe I am afrayed, I put my trust in the. 4 I wil comforte my self in Gods worde, yee I wil hope in God, and not feare: What can flesh then do vnto me? 5 They vexe me daylie in my wordes: all yt they ymagin, is to do me euell. 6 They holde alltogether, & kepe them selues close: they marck my steppes, how they maye catch my soule. 7 But in vayne, for it shal escape the: and why? thou (o God) in thy displeasure shalt cast downe soch people. 8 Thou tellest my flittinges, thou puttest my teares in thy botell, and nombrest them. 9 When so euer I call vpon the, myne enemies are put to flight: wherby I knowe, that thou art my God. 10 In Gods worde wil I reioyse, in the LORDES worde wil I comforte me. 11 Yee in God do I trust, & am not afraied: what ca man the do vnto me? 12 Vnto the (o God) wil I paye my vowes, vnto ye wil I geue thakes & prayse. 13 For thou hast delyuered my soule fro death, & my fete fro fallinge, yt I maye walke before God in ye light of ye lyuynge.