Psalms 54

Coverdale(i) 1 Helpe me (o God) for thy names sake, and delyuer me in thy stregth. 2 Heare my prayer (o God) considre the wordes of my mouth. 3 For straungers are rysen vp agaynst me, and the mightie (which haue not God before their eyes) seke after my soule. 4 Sela. But lo, God is my helper: it is he that vpholdeth my soule. 5 He shall rewarde euell vnto myne enemies, and in thy treuth shalt thou destroye them. 6 A frewil offeringe wil I geue the, and prayse thy name o LORDE, because it is so comfortable. 7 For thou hast delyuered me out of all my trouble, so that myne eye seyth his desyre vpo myne enemies.