Psalms 5

Coverdale(i) 1 Heare my wordes (o LORDE) considre my callynge. 2 O marke the voyce of my peticion, my kynge & my God: for vnto the wil I make my prayer. 3 Heare my voyce by tymes (o LORDE) for early in the morninge wil I gett me vnto the, yee & yt wt diligece. 4 For thou art not the God yt hath pleasure in wickednesse, there maye no vngodly personne dwel with the. 5 Soch as be cruell maye not stonde in thy sight, thou art an enemie vnto all wicked doers. Thou destroyest the lyers: the LORDE abhorreth the bloude thurstie and disceatfull. 6 But as for me, I wil come in to thy house, euen vpon the multitude of thy mercy: ad in thy feare wyll I worshipe towarde thy holy teple. 7 Lede me (o LORDE) in thy rightuousnesse, because of myne enemyes, ad make thy waye playne before me. 8 For there is no faithfulnesse in their mouthes: they dyssemble in their hertes: 9 their throte is an open sepulchre: with their tonges they disceaue. 10 Punysh them (o God) that they maye perish in their owne ymaginacions: cast them out because of the multitude of their vngodlinesse, for they rebell agaynst the. 11 Agayne, let all them that put their trust in the, reioyse: yee let them euer be geuynge of thankes, because thou defendest them: that they which loue thy name, maye be ioyfull in the. 12 For thou LORDE geuest thy blessinge vnto the rightuous: and with thy fauorable kyndnes thou defendest him, as with a shylde.