Psalms 48

Coverdale(i) 1 Greate is ye LORDE & hyelie to be praysed, in ye cite of or God, eue vpo his holy hill. 2 The hill of Sion is like a fayre plate, wherof all the londe reioyseth: vpon the north syde lyeth the cite of the greate kinge. 3 God is well knowne in hir palaces, yt he is the defence of the same. 4 For lo, kynges are gathered, and gone by together. 5 They marveled, to se soch thinges: they were astonied, & sodely cast downe. 6 Feare came there vpon the, & sorowe as vpo a woman in hir trauayle. 7 Thou shalt breake ye shippes of the see, thorow the east wynde. 8 Like as we haue herde, so se we in the cite of the LORDE of hoostes, in the cite of or God: God vpholdeth the same for euer. 9 Sela. We wayte for thy louynge kyndnesse (o God) in the myddest of thy temple. 10 O God, acordinge vnto thy name, so is yi prayse vnto the worldes ende: thy right hode is full of rightuousnes. 11 Oh let the mout Sion reioyse, & ye doughters of Iuda be glad because of thy iudgmetes. 12 Walke aboute Sion, go rounde aboute her, and tell hir towres. 13 Marke well hir walles, set vp hir houses: that it maye be tolde them yt come after. 14 For this God is or God for euer & euer, and he shal allwaie be or gyde.