Psalms 47

Coverdale(i) 1 O clappe youre hodes together (all ye people) O synge vnto God with the voyce of thakesgeuynge. 2 For the LORDE the most hyest is to be feared, & he is the greate kynge vpo all ye earth. 3 He shal subdue the people vnder vs, & the Heithe vnder oure fete. 4 He choseth vs for an heretage, the beutie of Iacob whom he loued. 5 Sela. God is gone vp wt a mery noyse, & the LORDE wt the sownde of the tropet. 6 O synge prayses, synge prayses vnto God: O synge prayses, synge prayses vnto oure kynge. 7 For God is kynge of all the earth, O synge prayses vnto him with vnderstondinge. 8 God is kynge ouer the Heithe, God sitteth in his holy seate. 9 The prynces of the people are gathered together vnto the God of Abraham: for God is farre farre hyer exalted, then the mightie lordes of the earth.