Psalms 4

Coverdale(i) 1 Heare me whe I cal, o God of my rightuousnes, thou that comfortest me in my trouble: haue mercy vpon me, and herken vnto my prayer. 2 O ye sonnes off men: how longe will ye blaspheme myne honoure? why haue ye soch pleasure in vanyte, & seke after lyes? 3 Sela Knowe this, that the LORDE dealeth maruelously with his saynte: and when I call vpon the LORDE, he heareth me. 4 Be angrie, but synne not: como wt youre owne hertes vpo yor beddes, & remebre yor selues. 5 Sela. Offre ye sacrifice of rightuousnes, & put yor trust in ye LORDE. 6 There be many yt saye: who wil do vs eny good? where as thou (o LORDE) hast shewed vs the light of yi countenauce. 7 Thou reioysest myne herte, though their encreace be greate both in corne & wyne. 8 Therfore wil I laye me downe in peace, & take my rest: for thou LORDE only settest me in a sure dwellynge.