Psalms 33

Coverdale(i) 1 Reioyse in ye LORDE (o ye rightuous) for it becommeth well the iust to be thankfull. 2 Prayse the LORDE with harpe: synge psalmes vnto him with the lute and instrument of ten strynges. 3 Singe him a new songe, yee synge lustely vnto him & with a good corage. 4 For the worde of ye LORDE is true, and all his workes are faithfull. 5 He loueth mercy & iudgment, ye earth is full of the goodnesse of the LORDE 6 By the worde of the LORDE were the heauens made, & all the hoostes of them by ye breth of his mouth. 7 He gathereth ye waters together as it were in a bottell, & laieth vp the depe in secrete. 8 Let all the earth feare the LORDE, and let all them that dwell in the worlde, stode in awe of him. 9 For loke what he sayeth, it is done: and loke what he comaudeth, it stondeth fast. 10 The LORDE bryngeth the councell of the Heithen to naught, and turneth the deuyces of the people. 11 But the coucell of the LORDE endureth, and the thoughtes of his hert from generacion to generacion. 12 Blessed are the people that holde the LORDE for their God, & blessed are the folke whom he hath chosen to be his heretage. 13 The LORDE loketh downe from heauen, & beholdeth all the children of men: 14 from his stronge seate he considreth all them yt dwell in the worlde. 15 He only hath fashioned all the hertes of them, & knoweth all their workes. 16 A kynge is not helped by his owne greate hoost, nether is a giaunte saued thorow the might of his owne stregth. 17 A horse is but a vayne thynge to saue a man, it is not the power of his stregth that can delyuer him. 18 Beholde, the eye of the LORDE loketh vnto them that feare him, & put their trust in his mercy. 19 That he maye delyuer their soules from death, and to fede them in the deare tyme. 20 Let oure soule paciently abyde the LORDE, for he is oure helpe and shilde. 21 So shal oure herte reioyse in him, because we haue hoped in his holy name. 22 Let thy mercifull kyndnesse (o LORDE) be vpon vs, like as we put oure trust in the.