Psalms 32

Coverdale(i) 1 Blessed are they, whose vnrightuousnesse is forgeuen, and whose synnes are couered. 2 Blessed is the man, vnto whom the LORDE imputeth no synne, in whose sprete there is no gyle. 3 For whyle I helde my tonge, my bones consumed awaye thorow my daylie complaynynges. 4 And because thy hande was so heuy vpon me both daye and night, my moysture was like the drouth in Sommer. Sela. 5 Therfore I confessed my synne vnto the, and hyd not myne vnrightuousnesse. 6 I saide: I will knowlege myne offence, and accuse my self vnto the LORDE, and so thou forgauest me the wickednesse of my synne. 7 Sela. For this shal euery saynte make his prayer vnto the in due season, therfore shall not the greate water floudes come nye him. 8 Thou art my defence in the trouble that is come aboute me, O copasse thou me aboute also with the ioye of delyueraunce. 9 Sela. I wil enforme the, and shewe the the waye wherin thou shalt go: I wil fasten myne eyes vpon the. 10 Be not ye now like horses & mooles, which haue no vnderstondinge. Whose mouthes thou must holde with bytt & brydle, yf they wil not obeie the. 11 Greate plages shall ye vngodly haue, but who so putteth his trust in the LORDE, mercy shall compasse him on euery syde. Be glad (o ye rightuous) and reioyse in the LORDE, be ioyfull all ye that are true of herte.