Psalms 30

Coverdale(i) 1 I wil magnifie ye (O LORDE) for thou hast set me vp, & not suffred my foes to triuphe ouer me. 2 O LORDE my God, I cried vnto the, and thou hast healed me. 3 Thou LORDE hast brought my soule out of hell: thou hast kepte my life, where as they go downe to the pytte. 4 Synge prayses vnto the LORDE (o ye sayntes of his) geue thankes vnto him for a remembraunce of his holynesse. 5 For his wrath endureth but the twincklinge of an eye, and his pleasure is in life: heuynesse maye well endure for a night, but ioye commeth in the mornynge. 6 As for me, whe I was in prosperite, I sayde: Tush, I shal neuer fall more. (And why? thou LORDE of thy goodnesse haddest made my hill so stronge.) 7 But as soone as thou turnedest thy face fro me, I was brought in feare. 8 The cried I vnto ye (O LORDE) yee vnto ye LORDE made I my prayer. 9 What profit is there in my bloude, yf I go downe to corrupcion? 10 Maye the dust geue thankes vnto ye? Or shal it declare thy faithfulnesse? 11 Hear (O LORDE) and haue mercy vpon me: LORDE be thou my helper. 12 And so thou hast turned my heuynesse into ioye: thou hast put of my sack cloth, & gyrded me wt gladnesse. That my honor might synge prayses vnto the wt out ceassynge: O LORDE my God, I wil geue thankes vnto the for euer.