Psalms 21

Coverdale(i) 1 Lorde, how ioyfull is the kynge in yi strength? O how exceadinge glad is he of thy sauynge health? 2 Thou hast geuen him his hertes desyre, & hast not put him fro the request of his lippes. 3 Sela. For thou hast preueted him wt liberall blessinges, & set a crowne of golde vpon his heade. 4 He asked life of the, & thou gauest him a longe life, eue for euer & euer. 5 His honoure is greate in thy sauynge health, glory and greate worshipe shalt thou laye vpon him. 6 For thou shalt geue him euerlastige felicite, & make him glad wt the ioye of yi coutenauce. 7 And why? because the kinge putteth his trust in the LORDE, & in the mercy of the most hiest he shal not myscary. 8 Let all thine enemies fele thy honde, let thy right honde fynde out all the yt hate the. 9 Thou shalt make the like a fyre ouen in tyme of thy wrath: the LORDE shal destroye the in his displeasure, & the fyre shall consume them. 10 Their frute shalt thou rote out of the earth, & their sede fro amoge the childre of men. 11 For they inteded myschefe agaynst the, & ymagined soch deuyces, as they were not able to perfourme. 12 Therfore shalt thou put the to flight, & with thy stringes thou shalt make ready thine arowes agaynst the faces off them. 13 Be thou exalted (LORDE) in thine owne strength, so wil we synge and prayse thy power.