Psalms 142

Coverdale(i) 1 I crie vnto the LORDE with my voyce, yee eue vnto the LORDE do I make my supplicacion. I poure out my complaynte before him, and shewe him of my trouble. 2 When my sprete is in heuynesse, for thou knowest my path: in the waye where in I walke, haue they preuely layed a snare for me. 3 I loke vpon my right honde & se, there is no man that wil knowe me. I haue no place to fle vnto, no man careth for my soule. 4 Therfore do I crie vnto the (o LORDE) and saye: thou art my hope and my porcion, in the londe of the lyuynge. 5 Cosidre my complaynte, for I am brought very lowe. 6 Oh delyuer me fro my persecuters, for they are to stronge for me: 7 Brynge my soule out of preson, that I maye geue thakes vnto thy name: which thinge yf thou wilt graute me, then shal the rightuous resorte vnto my copany.