Psalms 132

Coverdale(i) 1 Lorde, remembre Dauid and all his trouble. 2 How he swore vnto ye LORDE, & vowed a vowe vnto ye mightie one of Iacob: 3 I wil not come within the tabernacle of my house, ner clymme vp i to my bedde. 4 I wil not suffre myne eyes to slepe, ner myne eye lyddes to slober. 5 Vntill I fynde out a place for the LORDE, an habitacio for the mightie one of Iacob. 6 Lo, we herde of the same at Ephrata, & foude it in ye wod. 7 We wil go into his tabernacle, & fall downe before his fotestole. 8 Arise (o LORDE) in to thy restinge place, thou & ye arke of yi stregth. 9 Let thy prestes be clothed with rightuousnesse, and let thy sayntes reioyse. 10 For thy seruaunte Dauids sake turne not awaye the presence of thine anoynted. 11 The LORDE hath made a faithfull ooth vnto Dauid, & he shal not shrenke from it: 12 Of the frute of thy body shal I set vpon thy seate. 13 Yf thy children wil kepe my couenaunt, & my testimony yt I shal lerne the, their childre also shal syt vpo thy seate for euermore. 14 For the LORDE hath chosen Sio, to be an habitacio for him self hath he chosen her. 15 This shalbe my rest, here wil I dwel, for I haue a delite therin. 16 I will blesse hir vytales wt increase, & wil satisfie hir poore with bred. 17 I wil decke hir prestes with health, & hir sayntes shal reioyse & be glad. 18 There shall I make the horne of Dauid to florish, I haue ordened a lanterne for myne anoynted. As for his enemies, I shal clothe the wt shame, but vpon himself shal his crowne florish.