Psalms 130

Coverdale(i) 1 Ovt of the depe call I vnto the (o LORDE) LORDE heare my voyce. 2 Oh let thine eares considre well the voyce of my complaynte. 3 Yf thou (LORDE) wilt be extreme to marcke what is done amysse, Oh LORDE, who maye abyde it? 4 But there is mercy with the, that thou mayest be feared. 5 I loke for the LORDE, my soule doth wayte for him, and in his worde is my trust. 6 My soule doth paciently abyde the LORDE, fro the one mornynge to the other. 7 Let Israel trust in the LORDE, for with the LORDE there is mercy and plenteous redempcion. 8 And he shal redeme Israel from all his synnes.