Psalms 129

Coverdale(i) 1 Many a tyme haue they fought agaynst me fro my youth vp (maye Israel now saie). 2 Yee many a tyme haue they fought agaist me fro my youth vp, but they haue not ouercome me. 3 The plowers plowed vpo my backe, & made loge forowes. 4 But the rightous LORDE hath hewen ye yocke of ye vngodly in peces. 5 Let them be confounded & turned backwarde, as many as haue euell will at Sion. 6 Let the be eue as the haye vpon the house toppes, which wythereth afore it be pluckte vp. 7 Wherof the mower fylleth not his hande, nether he that byndeth vp the sheaues, his bosome. 8 So that they which go by, saye not so moch as: the LORDE prospere you, we wish you good lucke in the name of the LORDE.