Psalms 124

Coverdale(i) 1 If the LORDE had not bene of oure syde (now maye Israel saye) Yf the LORDE had not bene of oure syde, whe me rose vp agaynst vs: 2 They had swalowed vs vp quycke, when they were so wrothfully displeased at vs. 3 Yee the waters had drowned vs, the streame had gone ouer oure soule. 4 The depe waters of the proude had gone eue vnto oure soule. 5 But praysed be ye LORDE, which hath not geuen vs ouer for a pray vnto their teth. 6 Oure soule is escaped, euen as a byrde out of the snare of ye fouler: 7 ye snare is broke, and we are delyuered. 8 Oure helpe stodeth in the name of the LORDE, which hath made heauen and earth.