Psalms 122:1-9

Coverdale(i) 1 I was glad, when they sayde vnto me: we wil go in to the house of the LORDE. 2 Oure fete shal stonde in thy gates, O Ierusalem. 3 Ierusale is buylded as a cite, that is at vnite in it self. 4 For there ye trybes go vp, euen the trybes of the LORDE: to testifie vnto Israel, to geue thanckes vnto the name of the LORDE. 5 For there is the seate of iudgement, eue the seate of the house of Dauid. 6 O praye for the peace of Ierusale, they shal prospere that loue the. 7 Peace be within yi walles, and plenteousnes within thy palaces, 8 For my brethren and companyons sakes, I wil wish the prosperite. 9 Yee because of ye house of the LORDE oure God, I wil seke to do the good.