Psalms 115

Coverdale(i) 1 Not vnto vs (o LORDE) not vnto vs, but vnto thy name geue the prayse, for thy louinge mercy and faithfulnes. 2 Wherfore shal the Heithen saye: where is now their God? 3 As for oure God, he is in heauen, he doth what soeuer it pleaseth him. 4 Their ymages are but syluer and golde, euen the worke of mens hodes. 5 They haue mouthes, and speake not: eyes haue they, but they se not. 6 They haue eares, and heare not: noses haue they, but they smell not. 7 They haue handes and handle not, fete haue they, but they can not go, nether can they speake thorow their throte. 8 They that made them, are like vnto them, and so are all soch as put their trust in them. 9 But let Israel trust in ye LORDE, for he is their sucoure & defence. 10 Let the house of Aaron put their trust in ye LORDE, for he is their sucoure & defence. 11 They that feare the LORDE, let the put their trust in the LORDE, for he is their sucoure and defence. 12 The LORDE is myndefull of vs, & blesseth vs: he blesseth ye house of Israel, he blesseth ye house of Aaron. 13 Yee he blesseth all them that feare the LORDE, both small & greate. 14 The LORDE encrease you more & more: you, and youre childre. 15 For ye are ye blessed of the LORDE, which made heauen & earth. 16 All the whole heauens are the LORDES, but the earth hath he geue vnto ye childre of men. 17 The deed prayse not the (o LORDE) nether all they that go downe in to sylence. 18 But we will prayse the LORDE, from this tyme forth for euermore. Halleluya.