Psalms 112

Coverdale(i) 1 Blessed is the man yt feareth the LORDE, & hath greate delite in his commaundementes. 2 His sede shall be mightie vpon earth, the generacion of the faithfull shalbe blessed. 3 Riches & pleteousnesse shalbe in his house, & his rightuousnes endureth for euer. 4 Vnto the godly there ariseth vp light in the darcknesse: he is merciful, louynge & rightuous. 5 Wel is him that is mercifull, & lendeth gladly, & podreth his wordes wt discrecion. 6 For he shal neuer be moued, the rightuous shal be had in an euerlastinge remembraunce. 7 He wil not be afrayed for eny euell tydinges, his herte stondeth fast, & beleueth in ye LORDE. 8 His herte is stablished, he wil not shrencke, vntill he se his desyre vpon his enemies. 9 He hath sparsed abrode, & geue to the poore, his rightuousnes remayneth for euer, his horne shalbe exalted wt honor. 10 The vngodly shal se it, & it shal greue him: he shall gnash wt his teth & consume awaye, & the desyre of the vngodly shal perish.