Psalms 11

Coverdale(i) 1 In the LORDE put I my trust: how will ye then saye to my soule: that she shulde fle as a byrde vpon youre hill? 2 For lo, the vngodly haue bet their bowe, and made redy their arowes in the quyuer: that they maye priuely shute at them, which are true of herte. 3 The very foundacion haue they cast downe, what ca the rightuous the do withall? 4 But the LORDE is in his holy temple, the LORDES seate is in heauen: He cosidereth it with his eyes, his eye lyddes beholde the children of men. 5 The LORDE seith both the rightuous and vngodly, but who so deliteth in wickednes, him his soule abhorreth. 6 Vpon the vngodly he shal rayne snares, fyre, brymstone, storme and tempest: this rewarde shal they haue to drynke. 7 For the LORDE is rightuous, ad he loueth rightuousnes, his countenaunce beholdeth the thige yt is iust.