Proverbs 29

Coverdale(i) 1 He that is stiffnecked & wyll not be refourmed, shal sodenly be destroyed wt out eny helpe. 2 Where ye rightuous haue the ouer hande, ye people are in prosperite: but where the vngodly beareth rule, there ye people mourne. 3 Who so loueth wy?dome, maketh his father a glad man: but he yt kepeth harlottes, spedeth awaye yt he hath. 4 With true iudgment ye kynge setteth vp the londe, but yf he be a man yt taketh giftes, he turneth it vpsyde downe. 5 Who so flatreth his neghbor, layeth a nette for his fete. 6 The synne of ye wicked is his owne snare, but ye righteous shal be glad and reioyse. 7 The righteous considreth the cause of the poore, but the vngodly regardeth no vnderstondynge. 8 Wicked people brynge a cite in decaye, but wyse men set it vp agayne. 9 Yf a wyse man go to lawe with a foole (whether he deale with him frendly or roughly) he getteth no rest. 10 The bloudethyrstie hate the rightuous, but the iust seke his soule. 11 A foole poureth out his sprete alltogether, but a wyse man kepeth it in till afterwarde. 12 If a prynce delyte in lyes, all his seruauntes are vngodly. 13 The poore and the lender mete together, the LORDE lighteneth both their eyes. 14 The seate of the kinge yt faithfully iudgeth the poore, shal continue sure for euermore. 15 The rodde and correccion mynistre wy?dome, but yf a childe be not loked vnto, he bryngeth his mother to shame. 16 When the vngodly come vp, wickednesse increaseth: but the rightuous shall se their fall. 17 Nurtoure thy sonne with correccion, and he shal comforte the, yee he shal do the good at thine hert. 18 Where no prophet is, there the people perishe: but well is him that kepeth the lawe. 19 A seruaut wil not be the better for wordes, for though he vnderstonde, yet wil he not regarde them. 20 Yf thou seyst a man that is haistie to speake vnaduysed, thou mayest trust a foole more then him. 21 He that delicately bryngeth vp his seruaunt from a childe, shal make him his master at length. 22 An angrie man stereth vp strife, and he that beareth euell wyll in his mynde, doth moch euell. 23 After pryde commeth a fall, but a lowly sprete bryngeth greate worshipe. 24 Who so kepeth company wt a thefe, hateth his owne soule: he heareth blasphemies, & telleth it not forth. 25 He that feareth men, shal haue a fall: but who so putteth his trust in the LORDE, shal come to honor. 26 Many there be that seke ye prynces fauoure, but euery mans iudgment commeth from the LORDE. 27 The rightuous abhorre the vngodly: but as for those that be in ye right waye, ye wicked hate them.