Proverbs 25

Coverdale(i) 1 These also are Salomons prouerbes, which the men of Ezechias kinge of Iuda gathered together. 2 It is the honor of God to kepe a thinge secrete, but ye kinges honor is to search out a thinge. 3 The heauen is hie, ye earth is depe, and ye kinges hert is vnsearcheable. 4 Take ye drosse from ye syluer, & there shalbe a cleane vessell therof. 5 Take awaye vngodlinesse fro ye kynge, & his seate shal be stablished wt rightuousnes. 6 Put not forth yi self in ye presence of ye kynge, & prease not in to ye place of greate men. 7 Better it is yt it be sayde vnto ye: come vp hither, then thou to be set downe in ye presence of ye prynce, whom thou seyst with thine eyes. 8 Be not haistie to go to the lawe, lest happlie thou ordre yi self so at ye last, yt thy neghbor put ye to shame. 9 Handle thy matter wt yi neghbor himself, & discouer not another mans secrete: 10 lest whan men heare therof, it turne to yi dishonor, & lest thine euell name do not ceasse. 11 A worde spoken in due season, is like apples of golde in a syluer dyshe. 12 The correccion of the wyse is to an obedient eare, a golden cheyne and a Iewel of golde. 13 Like as the wynter coole in the haruest, so is a faithfull messaunger to him that sent him, & refre?sheth his masters mynde. 14 Who so maketh greate boastes & geueth nothinge, is like cloudes & wynde without rayne. 15 With pacience maye a prynce be pacified, & wt a soft tonge maye rigorousnes be broke. 16 Yf thou findest hony, eate so moch as is sufficiet for ye: lest thou be ouer full, & perbreake it out againe. 17 Withdrawe yi foote fro thy neghbours house, lest he be weery of the, and so abhorre the. 18 Who so beareth false wytnesse agaynst his neghboure, he is a very speare, a swearde & a sharpe arowe. 19 The hope of the vngodly in tyme of nede, is like a rotten toth and a slippery foote. 20 Who so syngeth a songe to a wicked herte, clotheth hi with ragges in the colde, and poureth vyneger vpon chalke. 21 Yf thine enemie honger, fede him: yf he thyrst, geue him drynke: 22 for so shalt thou heape coales offyre vpo his heade, and the LORDE shal rewarde the. 23 The north wynde dryueth awaye the rayne, euen so doth an earnest sober countenauce a backbyters tonge. 24 It is better to syt in a corner vnder the rofe, then wt a braulynge woman in a wyde house. 25 A good reporte out of a farre countre, is like colde water to a thyrstie soule. 26 A righteous man fallynge downe before the vngodly, is like a troubled well and a sprynge yt is destroyed. 27 Like as it is not good to eate to moch hony, euen so he that wyll search out hye thynges, it shal be to heuy for him. 28 He that can not rule himself, is like a cite, which is broken downe, and hath no walles.