Proverbs 23

Coverdale(i) 1 When thou syttest at the table to eate wt a lorde, ordre thy self manerly wt ye thinges 2 that are set before ye Measure thine appetite: 3 and yf thou wilt rule thine owne self, be not ouer gredy of his meate, for meate begyleth and disceaueth. 4 Take not ouer greate trauayle and labor to be riche, bewarre of soch a purpose. 5 Why wilt thou set thine eye vpon ye thinge, which sodenly vanisheth awaye? For riches make them selues wynges, and take their flight like an Aegle in to ye ayre. 6 Eate not thou wt ye envyous, and desyre no his meate, 7 for he hath a maruelous herte. He sayeth vnto ye: eate and drynke, where as his herte is not wt ye. 8 Yee ye morsels that thou hast eaten shalt thou perbreake, and lese those swete wordes. 9 Tel nothinge in to ye eares of a foole, for he wyl despyse the wy?dome of thy wordes. 10 Remoue not ye olde lande marke, and come not within ye felde of the fatherlesse: 11 For he yt deliuereth them is mightie, euen he shal defende their cause agaynst the. 12 Applie thine herte vnto lernynge, and thine eare to the wordes of knowlege. 13 Witholde not correccion from ye childe, for yf thou beatest him wt the rodde, he shal not dye therof. 14 Thou smytest him wt the rodde, but thou delyuerest his soule from hell. 15 My sonne, yf yi herte receaue wy?dome, my herte also shal reioyce: 16 yee my reynes shalbe very glad, yf yi lyppes speake the thinge yt is right. 17 Let not thine herte be gelous to folowe synners, but kepe ye still in the feare of the LORDE all the daye loge: 18 for the ende is not yet come, and thy pacient abydinge shal not be in vayne. 19 My sonne, ue eare & be wyse, so shal thine hert prospere in the waye. 20 Kepe no company wt wyne bebbers and ryotous eaters of flesh: 21 for soch as be dronckardes and ryotous, shal come to pouerte, & he that is geuen to moch slepe, shal go wt a ragged cote. 22 Geue eare vnto thy father that begat the, and despyse not thy mother whan she is olde. 23 Labor for to get ye treuth: sell not awaye wy?dome, nourtor & vnderstodinge 24 (for a righteous father is maruelous glad of a wyse sonne, & delyteth in hi) 25 so shal thy father be glad, and thy mother that bare the, shal reioyse. 26 My sonne, geue me thyne herte, and let thine eyes haue pleasure in my wayes. 27 For an whore is a depe graue, and an harlot is a narow pytt. 28 She lurketh like a thefe, and those that be not awarre she brigeth vnto her. 29 Where is wo? where is sorow? where is strife? where is braulynge? where are woundes without cause? where be reed eyes? 30 Euen amonge those that be euer at the wyne, and seke out where the best is. 31 Loke not thou vpon the wyne, how reed it is, and what a color it geueth in the glasse. 32 It goeth downe softly, but at the last it byteth like a serpet, and styngeth as an Adder. 33 So shal thine eyes loke vnto straunge women, & thine herte shal muse vpon frowarde thinges. 34 Yee thou shalt be as though thou slepte, in ye myddest of ye see, or vpo ye toppe of the mast. 35 They wounded me (shalt thou saie) but it hath not hurte me, they smote me, but I felt it not. Whe I am wel wakened, I wil go to ye drynke agayne.