Proverbs 18

Coverdale(i) 1 Who so hath pleasure to sowe discorde, piketh a quarell in euery thinge. 2 A foole hath no delyte in vnderstodinge, but only in those thinges wherin his herte reioyseth. 3 Where vngodlynes is, there is also di?dayne: & so there foloweth shame & dishonor. 4 The wordes of a mas mouth are like depe waters, and the well of wy?dome is like a full streame. 5 It is not good to regarde ye personne of the vngodly, or to put backe ye righteous in iudgmet. 6 A fooles lippes are euer brawlinge, and his mouth prouoketh vnto batayll. 7 A fooles mouth is his owne destruccion, and his lippes are ye snare for his owne soule. 8 The wordes of a slaunderer are very woudes, and go thorow vnto the ynmost partes of the body. 9 Who so is slouthfull and slacke in his labor, is ye brother of him ye is a waister. 10 The name of ye LORDE is a stronge castell, ye righteous flyeth vnto it, and shalbe saued. 11 But ye rich mas goodes are his stronge holde, yee he taketh them for an hye wall roude aboute him. 12 After pryde cometh destruccio, and honor after lowlynes. 13 He that geueth sentece in a matter before he heare it, is a foole, and worthy to be confounded. 14 A good stomacke dryueth awaye a mas disease, but wha ye sprete is vexed, who maye abyde it? 15 A wyse herte laboureth for knowlege, and a prudent eare seketh vnderstondinge. 16 Liberalite bryngeth a man to honor and worshipe, & setteth him amonge greate men. 17 The righteous accuseth hi self first of all, yf his neghbor come, he shal fynde him. 18 The lot pacifieth ye variauce, & parteth ye mightie asunder. 19 The vnite of brethren is stronger then a castell, and they that holde together are like the barre of a palace. 20 A mans bely shalbe satisfied with the frute of his owne mouth, and with the increase of his lippes shal he be fylled. 21 Death and life stonde in the power of the tonge, he that loueth it, shal enioye the frute therof. 22 Who so fyndeth a wife fyndeth a good thynge, & receaueth an wholsome benefite of the LORDE. 23 The poore maketh supplicacion and prayeth mekely, but the riche geueth a rough answere. 24 A frende that delyteth in loue, doth a man more fredshipe, and sticketh faster vnto him then a brother.