Numbers 9:6-12

Coverdale(i) 6 Then were there certayne men defyled of a deed man, so that they coulde not kepe Easter vpon that daye: these came before Moses and Aaron the same daye, 7 and sayde vnto him: We are defiled of a deed ma: wherfore shulde we be despysed, that we must not bringe oure giftes in his season amonge the children of Israel? 8 Moses sayde vnto them: Stonde styll, I wil heare what the LORDE commaundeth you. 9 And the LORDE spake vnto Moses, and sayde: 10 Speake vnto the children of Israel, & saie: Wha eny man is defyled of a deed coarse, or is gone farre from you ouer the felde, or is amonge youre kyn?folkes, yet shall he kepe Easter, 11 but in the seconde moneth vpo ye fourtene daye at euen, and they shal eate it with vnleuended bred and sowre sawse, 12 and shall leaue none of it vntyll the mornynge, ner breake eny bone therof, and shal kepe it acordinge to all ye maner of ye Easter.