Numbers 1:5-16

Coverdale(i) 5 These are the names of the captaynes that shal stonde with you. Of Ruben, Elizur the sonne of Sedeur. 6 Of Simeon, Selumiel the sonne of Zuri Sadai. 7 Of Iuda, Nahasson the sonne of Aminadab. 8 Of Isachar, Nathaneel the sonne of Zuar. 9 Of Zabulon, Eliab the sonne of Helon. 10 Amonge the children of Ioseph: Of Ephraim, Elisama ye sonne of Amihud. Of Manasse, Gamaliel the sonne of Pedazur. 11 Of Ben Iamin, Abidam ye sonne of Gedeoni. 12 Of Dan, Ahieser the sonne of Ammi Sadai. 13 Of Asser, Pagiel the sonne of Ochram. 14 Of Gad, Eliasaph ye sonne of Deguel. 15 Of Nephthali, Ahira the sonne of Enan. 16 These are the awncient men of the congregacion, the captaynes amonge the trybes of their fathers, which were heades and prynces in Israel.