Micah 6

Coverdale(i) 1 Herken now what the LORDE sayeth: Vp, reproue the mountaynes, and let the hilles heare thy voyce. 2 O Heare the punyshment of the LORDE, ye mountaynes, and ye mightie foundacios of ye earth: for the LORDE wil reproue his people, ad reason with Israel: 3 O my people, what haue I done vnto the? or wherin haue I hurte the? geue me answere. 4 Because I brought the fro the londe of Egipte, and delyuered the out of the house of bondage? Because I made Moses, Aaron and Miriam to lede the? 5 Remembre (o my people) what Balach the kynge of Moab had ymagined agaynst the, ad what answere that Balaam the sonne of Beor gaue him, from Sethim vnto Galgal: yt ye maye knowe the louynge kyndnesses of ye LORDE. 6 What acceptable thynge shal I offre vnto the LORDE? shall I bowe mykne to the hye God? Shal I come before him wt brentofferinges, and with calues of a yeare olde? 7 Hath the LORDE a pleasure in many thousand rammes, or innumerable streames of oyle? Or shal I geue my firstborne for myne offences, and the frute of my body for the synne of my soule? 8 I wil shewe the (O ma) what is good, and what the LORDE requyreth off the: Namely, to do right, to haue pleasure in louynge kyndnesse, to be lowly, and to walke with thy God: 9 that thou mayest be called a cite of the LORDE, & that thy name maye be rightuousnesse. Heare (o ye trybes) who wolde els geue you soch warnynge? 10 Shulde I not be displeased, for the vnrightuous good in the houses of the wicked, and because the measure is minished? 11 Or shulde I iustfie the false balaunces and the bagge of disceatfull weightes, 12 amonge those that be full off riches vnrightuously gotten: where the citesyns deale with falsede, speake lyes, and haue disceatfull tunges in their mouthes? 13 Therfore I will take in honde to punysh the, and to make the desolate, because of thy synnes. 14 Thou shalt eate, & not haue ynough: yee thou shalt bringe thy self downe. Thou shalt fle, but not escape: ad those yt thou woldest saue, wil I delyuer to the swerde. 15 Thou shalt sowe, but not reape: thou shalt presse out olyues, but oyle shalt thou not haue, to anoynte thy self withall: thou shalt treade out swete must, but shalt drynke no wyne. 16 Ye kepe the ordinaunces of Amri, & all the customes of the house of Achab: ye folowe their pleasures, therfore wil I make the waist, & cause yi inhabiters to be abhorred, O my people: & thus shalt thou beare thine owne shame.