Matthew 27:27-31

Coverdale(i) 27 Then the debites soudyers toke Iesus, in to the comon hall, and gathered the whole multitude ouer him, 28 and stryped him out of his clothes, and put a purple robe vpo him, 29 and plated a crowne of thorne, & set it vpon his heade, and a rede in his hade, and kneled before him, and mocked him, and sayde: hayle kynge of the Iewes. 30 And spytted vpon him, and toke ye rede, & smote him vpon the heade. 31 And wha they had mocked hi, they toke the robe of him ageyne, & put his owne clothes vpon him, and led him forth, yt they might crucifie hi.