Matthew 26:69-75

Coverdale(i) 69 As for Peter, he sat without in the palace. And there came vnto him a damsell, and sayde: And thou wast with Iesus of Galile also. 70 Neuertheles he denyed before the all, and sayde: I can not tell what thou sayest. 71 But whan he wete out at the dore, another damsell sawe him. and sayde vnto them that were there: This was also with Iesus of Nazareth. 72 And he denyed agayne, and sware also: I knowe not the ma. 73 And after a litle whyle, they that stode there, stepte forth, and sayde vnto Peter: Of a trueth thou art one of them also, for thy speach bewrayeth the. 74 Then begane he to curse and to sweare: I knowe not the man. And immediatly the cock crew. 75 Then thought Peter vpon the wordes of Iesus, which sayde vnto him: before the cock crow, thou shalt denye me thryse. And he wente out, and wepte bytterly.