Luke 6:21-26

Coverdale(i) 21 Blessed are ye that honger here, for ye shalbe satisfied. Blessed are ye yt wepe here, for ye shal laugh. 22 Blessed are ye, whan men hate you, and put you out of their copanyes, and reuyle you, and cast out youre name as an euell thinge, for the sonne of mans sake. 23 Reioyse ye then, and be glad: for beholde, youre rewarde is greate in heauen. Euen thus dyd their fathers vnto the prophetes also. 24 But wo vnto you riche, for ye haue youre cosolacion allready. 25 Wo vnto you that are full, for ye shal honger. Wo vnto you that laugh here, for ye shal wepe and wayle. 26 Wo vnto you whan euery man prayseth you, Euen so dyd their fathers vnto the false prophetes also.