Luke 20

Coverdale(i) 1 And it fortuned one of those dayes, whan he taught the people in the teple, and preached the Gospell, the hye prestes and scrybes came to him with the Elders, 2 and spake vnto him, and sayde: Tell vs, by what auctorite doest thou these thinges? Or who gaue the this auctorite? 3 But he answered, & sayde vnto the: I wil axe you a worde also, tell it me: 4 The baptyme of Iho was it from heauen, or of men? 5 But they thought in them selues, and sayde: Yf we saye, from heauen, then shal he saye: Why dyd ye not the beleue him? 6 But yf we saye, of men, then shal all the people stone vs, for they be persuaded, that Ihon is a prophet. 7 And they answered, that they coulde not tell, whence it was. 8 And Iesus sayde vnto them: Nether tell I you, by what auctorite I do these thinges. 9 And he beganne to tell the people this symilitude: A certayne man planted a vynyarde, and let it out vnto hussbadmen, and wente himself in to a straunge countre for a greate season. 10 And whan his tyme was come, he sent a seruaut to the hussbadmen, that they might geue him of the frute of the vynyarde. But the hussbandmen bet him, and sent him awaye emptye. 11 And agayne he sent yet another seruaut: but they bet him also, and intreated him shamefully, & sent him awaye emptye. 12 And besydes this, he sent the thirde: but they wounded him also, and thrust him out. 13 Then sayde the lorde of the vynyarde: What shal I do? I wil sende my deare sonne, peraduenture they wil stonde in awe of him, whan they se him. 14 But whan the hussbande men sawe the sonne, they thought in the selues, and sayde: This is the heyre, come, let vs kyll him, yt the inheritaunce maye be oures. 15 And they thrust him out of ye vynyarde, and slew him. What shal now the lorde of the vynyarde do vnto them? 16 He shal come, and destroye those hussbandmen, and let out his vynyarde vnto other. Whan they herde that, they sayde: God forbyd. 17 But he behelde the, and sayde: What is this then that is wrytten: The same stone which the buylders refused, is become the head corner stone? 18 Who so euer falleth vpon this stone, shalbe broken in sunder: but vpo who so euer he falleth, he shall grynde him to poulder. 19 And the hye prestes and scrybes wente aboute to laye handes vpon him the same houre, and they feared the people: for they perceaued, that he had spoke this symilitude agaynst them. 20 And they watched hi, & sent forth spyes, which shulde fayne the selues perfecte, that they might take him in his wordes, to delyuer him vnto the power and auctorite of ye debite. 21 And they axed him, & sayde: Master, we knowe that thou sayest & teachest right, and regardest the outwarde appearauce of no man, but teachest the waye of God truly. 22 Is it laufull, that we geue tribute vnto the Emperoure, or not? 23 But he perceaued their craftynes, and sayde vnto them: Why tepte ye me? 24 Shewe me the peny. Whose ymage and superscripcion hath it? They answered, and sayde: The Emperours. 25 Then sayde he vnto them: Geue the vnto the Emperoure, that which is the Emperours: & vnto God, that which is Gods. 26 And they coude not reproue his worde before the people, and marueyled at his answere, and helde their peace. 27 Then came vnto him certayne of the Saduces (which holde that there is no resurreccion) and axed him, 28 and sayde: Master, Moses wrote vnto vs, yf eny mans brother dye hauynge a wife, and dyeth without childre, then shal his brother take his wife, and rayse vp sede vnto his brother. 29 Now were there seue brethre: the first toke a wife, and dyed childlesse: 30 and the seconde toke the wife, and deyed without children also: 31 and the thirde toke her, likewyse all the seue, and left no children behynde the, and dyed. 32 At the last after them all, the woman dyed also. 33 Now in the resurreccion, whose wife shal she be of them For seuen had her to wife. 34 And Iesus answered and saide vnto them: The childre of this worlde mary, & are maried, 35 but they yt shalbe worthy to enioye that worlde and the resurreccion from the deed, shal nether mary ner be maried, 36 for they can dye nomore. For they are like vnto the angels, and are the children of God, in so moch as they are children of the resurreccion. 37 But that the deed ryse agayne, hath Moses also signified besydes the bush, when he called the LORDE, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Iacob. 38 But God is not a God of the deed but of the lyuynge, for they lyue all vnto him. 39 Then answered certayne of the scrybes, and sayde: Master, thou haist sayde well. 40 And from that tyme forth they durst axe him no mo questions. 41 But he sayde vnto them: How saye they that Christ is Dauids sonne? 42 And Dauid himself sayeth in the boke of the Psalmes: The LORDE sayde vnto my LORDE: Syt thou on my right honde, 43 tyll I make thine enemies thy fote stole. 44 Dauid calleth him LORDE, how is he then his sonne? 45 Now whyle all the people gaue audience, he sayde vnto his disciples: 46 Bewarre of the scrybes, which wyl go in longe garmentes, and loue to be saluted vpon the market, and desyre to syt hyest in the synagoges, and at the table. 47 They deuoure wedowes houses and that vnder a culoure of longe prayenge: These shal receaue the greater danacion.