Leviticus 7

Coverdale(i) 1 And this is the lawe of the trespace-offerynge, and it shal be most holy. 2 In the place where the burntofferynge is slayne, shall the trespaceofferynge be slayne also, & there shall of his bloude be sprenkled rounde aboute vpon the altare. 3 And all his fat shalbe offered: the rompe and the fat yt couereth the bowels, 4 the two kydneys with the fat yt is theron vpon the loynes, and the net on the leuer vpon the kydneys also. 5 And the prest shal burne it vpon the altare for an offerynge vnto the LORDE. This is a trespace offerynge. 6 All the males amonge the prestes shal eate it in the holy place, for it is most holy: 7 euen as the synofferynge, so shall the trespace offerynge be also, they shall both haue one lawe: and it shal be the prestes, that reconcyleth ther wt. 8 Loke which prest offereth eny mans burntofforynge, the skynne of the same burntoffrynge that he hath offered, shalbe his. 9 And euery meatofferynge that is baken in the ouen, rosted vpon the gredyron, or fryed in the panne, shal be the prestes yt offereth it. 10 And euery meatofferynge yt is myngled with oyle, or drye, shal belonge vnto all Aaron sonnes, vnto one as well as another. 11 And this is ye lawe of the healthofferinge, that is offered vnto the LORDE, 12 Yf they wyll offre a sacrifice of thankesgeuynge, then shal they offre vnleueded cakes megled with oyle, and swete wafers straked ouer with oyle, and fryed cakes of fyne floure mengled with oyle. 13 This offerynge also shall they brynge vpon a cake of leuended bred, to the thankofferynge of his healthofferynge: 14 and of them all he shall offre one for an Heueofferynge vnto the LORDE. And it shalbe the prestes, that sprenkleth the bloude of the healthofferynge. 15 And the flesh of the thankofferynge in his healthofferynges, shalbe eaten the same daye that it is offred, and there shall nothinge be left ouer vntyll the mornynge. 16 And whether it be a vowe or a fre wylofferynge, it shalbe eaten the same daye that it is offred: yf ought be left ouer vntyll the mornynge, yet maye it be eaten. 17 But loke what remayneth vnto ye thirde daye of the flesh that is offred, it shalbe brent with the fyre. 18 And yf eny man vpon the thirde daie eate of ye offred flesh of his healthofferynge, he shall not be accepted that offred it. Nether shall it be rekened vnto him, but it shalbe refused. And loke which soule eateth therof, the same is giltie of a mysdede. 19 And the flesh that toucheth eny vncleane thinge, shal not be eaten, but burnt with the fyre. But who so euer is cleane of body, shal eate of the flesh: 20 and the soule that eateth of ye flesh of ye healthofferynge which belongeth vnto the LORDE, his vnclennes be vpon him, and he shalbe roted out from amonge his people. 21 And whan a soule toucheth eny vncleane thinge, whether it be an vncleane man, catell, or eny other abhominacion that is, and eateth of the flesh of the burntofferynge, that belongeth vnto the LORDE, the same shalbe roted out from amonge his people. 22 And the LORDE talketh with Moses, and sayde: 23 Speake vnto the children of Israel, & saye: Ye shall eate no fat of oxen, lambes, and goates: 24 neuerthelesse the fat of it that dyeth alone, and of soch as is torne of wylde beastes, that maye ye occupye to all maner of vses, but ye shall not eate it. 25 For who so euer eateth the fat of ye beest that is geuen vnto the LORDE for an offerynge, the same soule shalbe roted out from his people. 26 Morouer, ye shall eate no bloude, nether of catell, ner of foules, where so euer ye dwell. 27 What soule eateth eny bloude, the same shall be roted out from his people. 28 And the LORDE talked with Moses, and sayde: 29 Speake vnto the children of Israel, and saye: Who so wyll offre his healthofferynge vnto the LORDE, the same shall also brynge with all, that belongeth vnto ye healthofferynge for the LORDE. 30 But he shall brynge it with his hande for the offerynge of the LORDE: namely the fat vpon the brest shall he brynge, with the brest, to be a Waueofferynge before the LORDE. 31 And the prest shall burne the fat vpon the altare, and the brest shalbe Aarons and his sonnes. 32 And the right shulder shal they geue vnto the prest for a gift of their healthofferynges. 33 And loke which of Aarons sonnes offreth the bloude of the healthofferynges, and the fat, the same shall haue the right shulder for his parte. 34 For the Wauebrest and the Heueshulder haue I taken of the children of Israel, and of their healthofferynges, and haue geuen them vnto Aaron the prest and vnto his sonnes for a perpetuall dewtye. 35 This is the anoyntinge of Aaron and of his sonnes, of the offerynges of the LORDE, in the daye wha Moses presented them to be prestes vnto the LORDE, 36 what tyme as the LORDE commaunded (in the daye whan he anoynted them) to be geuen them of the children of Israel for a perpetuall dewtye, and vnto all their posterities. 37 And this is the lawe of the burntofferynge, of the meatofferynge, of the synofferynge, of the trespace offerynge, of the offerynge of consecracion, and of the healthofferynges, 38 which the LORDE commaunded Moses vpon mount Sinai, in the daye whan he gaue him in commaudement vnto the children of Israel, to offre their offerynges vnto ye LORDE in the wyldernesse of Sinai.