Leviticus 20:2-5

Coverdale(i) 2 Tell the children of Israel: Who so euer he be amonge the children of Israel, (or eny straunger that dwelleth in Israel) which geueth of his sede vnto Moloch, the same shall dye the death: the people of the lande shal stone him, 3 & I wyll set my face agaynst that man, and wyll rote him out from amoge his people, because he hath geuen of his sede vnto Moloch, and defyled my Sanctuary, & vnhalowed my holy name. 4 And though the people of the londe loke thorow the fyngers vpon that man, which hath geuen of his sede unto Moloch, so that they put him not to death, 5 yet wyl I set my face agaynst the same man, & agaynst his generacion: And him, and all that go a whorynge with him after Moloch, wyll I rote out from amonge their people.