Leviticus 20

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE talked with Moses, and saide: 2 Tell the children of Israel: Who so euer he be amonge the children of Israel, (or eny straunger that dwelleth in Israel) which geueth of his sede vnto Moloch, the same shall dye the death: the people of the lande shal stone him, 3 & I wyll set my face agaynst that man, and wyll rote him out from amoge his people, because he hath geuen of his sede vnto Moloch, and defyled my Sanctuary, & vnhalowed my holy name. 4 And though the people of the londe loke thorow the fyngers vpon that man, which hath geuen of his sede unto Moloch, so that they put him not to death, 5 yet wyl I set my face agaynst the same man, & agaynst his generacion: And him, and all that go a whorynge with him after Moloch, wyll I rote out from amonge their people. 6 If eny soule turne him to ye soythsayers and expounders of tokens, so that he goeth a whorynge after them, I wyl set my face agaynst the same soule, and wyl rote him out from amonge his people. 7 Sanctifie youre selues therfore, & be holy: for I am holy euen youre God. 8 And kepe ye my statutes, and do them: for I am ye LORDE that sanctifieth you. 9 Who so euer curseth his father or his mother, shall dye the death: his bloude be vpon him, because he hath cursed his father or mother. 10 He that breaketh wedlocke with eny mas wife, shal dye the death (both the aduouterer and ye aduouteresse) because he hath broken wedlocke with his neghbours wife. 11 Yf eny man lye with his fathers wife, so yt he vncouer his fathers preuyte, they shal both dye the death: their bloude be vpo the. 12 Yf eny man lye wt his doughter in lawe, they shall dye both of them, for they have wrought abhominacion: their bloude be vpon them. 13 Yf eny man lye with the mankynde, as with womankynde, they haue wrought abhominacion, & shal both dye the death: their bloude be vpon them. 14 If eny man take a wyfe, and hir mother therto, the same hath wrought wickednes: he shalbe burnt with fyre, and so shal they also, that there be no wickednes amoge you. 15 Yf eny man lye with a beest, he shall dye the death, and the beest shal be slayne. 16 If a woman medle with a beest, so yt she haue to do wt it, thou shalt put her to death, and the beest also, they shall dye the death: their bloude be vpon them. 17 Yf eny man take his sister, his fathers doughter, or his mothers doughter, and se hir preuyte, and she agayne se his secretes, it is a wicked thinge. They shalbe roted out in the sight of their people. For he hath vncouered his sisters preuyte, he shal beare his synne. 18 Yf a man lye with a woman in the tyme of hir sicknesse, and vncouer hir secretes, & open vp hir founteyne, and she vncouer the fountayne of hir bloude, they shall both be roted out from amonge their people. 19 Thou shalt not vncouer the preuytie of thy mothers sister, and of thy fathers sister: for soch one hath vncouered his nexte kynswoman, and they shal beare their synne. 20 Yf eny man lye with his vncles wyfe, the same hath vncovered the preuytie of his uncle: they shall beare their synne, without children shal they dye. 21 Yf eny man take his brothers wyfe, yt is an vncleane thinge: they shalbe without children, because he hath vncouered his brothers secretes. 22 So kepe now all my statutes & my lawes, & do them, yt the lode whither I brynge you to dwell therin, spewe you not out. 23 And walke not ye in ye statutes of the Heithen, which I shal cast out before you. For all soch thinges haue they done, & I haue abhorred the. 24 But I saye vnto you: Ye shall possesse their londe. For I wyll geue you to enheritaunce a lode, that floweth with mylke and hony. I am the LORDE youre God, which haue separated you from the nacions, 25 that ye also shulde separate the cleane beestes fro the vncleane, and the vncleane foules from the cleane: & not to defyle youre soules vpon beestes, vpon foules & vpon all that crepeth on the grounde: which I haue separated vnto you, that they shulde be vncleane. 26 Therfore shall ye be holy vnto me: for I the LORDE am holy, which haue separated you fro the nacions, that ye shulde be myne. 27 Yf a man or woman be a soythsayer or an expounder of tokens, the same shall dye the death: they shalbe stoned, their bloude be vpon them.