Leviticus 12

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE talked with Moses, and sayde: 2 Speake vnto the children of Israel, and saye: Whan a woman hath conceaued, and beareth a manchilde, she shalbe vncleane seuen dayes, so longe as she suffreth hir disease, 3 and in ye eight daye shal ye flesh of his foreskynne be cut awaie. 4 And she shal byde at home thre and thirtie dayes in ye bloude of hir purifienge: she shal touch no holy thinge, ner come in to ye Sactuary, tyll the daies of hir purifienge be out. 5 But yf she beare a maydechilde, the shal she be vncleane two wekes, so longe as she suffreth hir disease, and sixe and thre score daies shall she byde at home in the bloude of hir purifienge. 6 And whan the dayes of hir purifienge are out, for the sonne or for the doughter, she shal brynge a lambe of one yeare olde for a burntofferynge, and a yonge pigeon or a turtill doue for a synofferynge to the dore of ye Tabernacle of wytnesse vnto ye prest, 7 which shal offre it before the LORDE, and make an attonemet for her, and so shal she be clensed from hir bloudyssue. This is the lawe for her that beareth a manchilde or mayde childe. 8 But yf she be not able to bringe a shepe, then let hir take two turtill doues, or two yonge pigeons, the one for a burntofferynge, the other for a synofferynge, then shall the prest make an attonement for her, so that she shal be cleane.