Leviticus 10

Coverdale(i) 1 And ye sonnes of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, toke ether of the his censoure, & put fyre therin, & layed incense vpon it, and brought straunge fyre before the LORDE, which he commauded them not. 2 Then wente there out a fyre from ye LORDE, and consumed them, so that they dyed before the LORDE. 3 Then sayde Moses vnto Aaron: This is it, that the LORDE sayde: I wil be sanctified vpo them that come nye me, and before all the people wil I be glorified. And Aaron helde his peace. 4 Moses called Misael and Elzaphan the sonnes of Vsiel Aarons vncle, and sayde vnto them: Go to, and cary youre brethren out of the Sanctuary, without the hoost. 5 And they wente, and caried them forth in their albes without the hoost, as Moses sayde. 6 Then sayde Moses vnto Aaron, & to his sonnes Eleasar and Ithamar: Ye shall not vncouer youre heades, ner rente yor clothes, that ye dye not, and the wrath come vpon the whole congregacion: Let youre brethre of the whole house of Israel bewepe this burnynge, which the LORDE hath done. 7 As for you, ye shall not go out from the dore of the Tabernacle of wytnesse, lest ye dye: for the anoyntinge oyle of the LORDE is vpon you. And they dyd as Moses sayde. 8 The LORDE spake vnto Aaron, & sayde: 9 Thou & thy sonnes wt the shal drynke no wyne ner stronge drynke, whan ye go in to the Tabernacle of wytnesse: that ye dye not. Let this be a perpetuall lawe vnto all yor posterities: 10 yt ye maye haue knowlege to discerne, what is holy and vnholy, what is cleane & vncleane: 11 & that ye maye teach the children of Israel all the lawes, which the LORDE hath spoken vnto you by Moses. 12 And Moses sayde vnto Aaron, and vnto Eleasar and Ithamar his sonnes that were left: Take the remnaunt of the meatofferynge in the sacrifices of ye LORDE, and eate it without leuen besyde the altare, for it is most holy, 13 euen in the holy place shal ye eate it. For it is thy dutye and thy sonnes dutye in the sacrifices of the LORDE: for thus am I commaunded. 14 But the Wauebrest and the Heueshulder shalt thou eate, and thy sonnes and thy doughters with the in a cleane place. For this dutye is geuen vnto the and thy children in the deedofferynges of the children of Israel. 15 For the Heueshulder and the Wauebrest to the offerynges of the fat, shalbe brought in, that they maye be waued for a Waueofferinge before the LORDE. Therfore is it thine and thy childrens for a perpetuall dutye, as the LORDE commaunded. 16 And Moses sought for the goate of the synofferynge, and founde it burnt. And he was angrie at Eleasar and Ithamar ye sonnes of Aaron, which were left alyue, and sayde: 17 Wherfore haue ye not eaten the synofferynge in the holy place? for it is most holy, & he hath geuen it you, that ye might beare ye synne of the cogregacion, to make agremet for them before the LORDE. 18 Beholde, the bloude of it came not in to the Sanctuary: Ye shulde haue eaten it in the Sanctuary, as I was commaunded. 19 Aaron sayde vnto Moses: Beholde, this daye haue they offred their synofferynge & their burntofferynge before ye LORDE. And it is chaunsed me after this maner. And shulde I eate of the synofferynge to daye, & be mery before the LORDE? 20 Whan Moses herde that, he was content.