Judges 7:18-22

Coverdale(i) 18 Whan I blowe ye trompet, and all that are wt me, then shal ye blowe ye tropettes also rounde aboute all the hoost, and saye: Here the LORDE & Gedeon. 19 Thus came Gedeon and the thre hundreth men with him vnto the vttemost parte of ye hoost (aboute the tyme whan the mydwatch begynneth) and waked vp the watchme, and blewe with the trompettes, and smote asunder the pitchers in their handes. 20 So all the thre companies blewe with ye trompettes, and brake the pitchers. But the lampes helde they in their lefte hande, and the trompettes in their righte hade, so that they blewe, and cried: Here the swerde of the LORDE and Gedeon. 21 And euery one stode in his place aboute the hoost. Then ranne all the hoost, and cried and fled. 22 And whyle the thre hundreth men blewe the trompettes, ye LORDE broughte it so to passe, that euery mans swerde in all ye hoost was agaynst another, and the hoost fled vnto Bethsitha Zereratha, and vnto the border of the playne of Mehohab besyde Tabath.